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Welcome to e-Bug

e-Bug is a health education programme that aims to promote behaviour change among children and young people to support infection prevention and control efforts, and respond to the global threat of antimicrobial resistance.

e-Bug, operated by the UK Health Security Agency provides free resources for educators, community leaders, parents and caregivers to educate children and young people and ensure they are able to play their role in preventing infection outbreaks and using antimicrobials appropriately.

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Early Years

Teaching resources for ages 3-5

Key Stage 1

Teaching resources for ages 5-7

Key Stage 2

Teaching resources for ages 7-11

Key Stage 3

Teaching resources for ages 11-14

Key Stage 4

Teaching resources for ages 14-16


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Community Educator

Beat the Bugs

Activity resources for community groups and life skills sessions

Antibiotic Guardian Youth Badge

Activity resources to gain an Antibiotic Guardian Youth Badge

Parents and Caregivers

Prevent Infections

Explore how to prevent infections in your home

Manage Infections

Find out how to treat infections in your children


Become a trainer

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Receive training

Access training resources to become an e-Bug educator

About the e-Bug programme

The e-Bug programme, operated by the UK Health Security Agency, is an international partnership. All our partners share our aim of reaching every child in every community with information on infection prevention and control, and antimicrobial resistance. Find out more about the partnership and the work going on to equip children and young people to respond to the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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The e-Bug Learning Journey

e-Bug teaching resources are designed by teachers and scientists to build and embed knowledge in students over time. Find out more about how the resources can support the learning journey and what students in each age group can expect to learn.
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Health Protection in Education and Childcare Settings Guidance

UKHSA have updated the guidance for education and childcare settings to support settings in preventing and controlling the spread of infections. The guidance recommends the use of e-Bug to support students in adopting behaviours that can help create a safer environment for all.
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